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Bethalto’s Source for Emergency Dental Care

Great Rivers Dental is able to provide emergency dental care for patients in and around the Bethalto, IL area. At times, same-day dentistry services are needed, and we are available to help you in your time of need. Our team will assist you in helping to treat or address any emergency situation that has arisen, whether it was out of nowhere or after an accident or incident. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office if you are in pain, have had trauma to a tooth, or are unsure if you are healing properly after a dental procedure. We are here for you. We recognize that dental problems don’t operate on a convenient time schedule, and that sometimes it may be necessary to provide treatment to patients outside of the window of our usual office hours. If that is the case in your situation, know that we’ll assist you in any way we can to help fix an injury, address any pain you may be having, or help you feel more comfortable as you heal. There is no need to suffer until we open for business. Contact us any time if you need help in an emergency situation.

Injury or Trauma Emergencies

One type of dental emergency is a trauma case, such as a tooth that has been knocked out or broken off. If you or your child has lost a tooth or injured one in an accident, please call for dental help immediately. These types of injuries can have long-lasting consequences if not addressed right away. At times there may also be trauma to the surrounding area of the face, in which case it may be wise to go to a hospital emergency room to make sure the facial tissues and structure are not badly damaged.

Other Dental Emergencies

At times you may have another dental emergency, such as pain from a nerve in your tooth, swelling, or infection. If you have recently had a dental procedure, we will provide you with instructions for aftercare and also inform you of things to keep an eye out for as you are healing. If things are not progressing as they should, and you begin having problems, please contact our office quickly, so we can step in and make sure any issues are fixed quickly for your comfort. Dental problems often seem to arise out of nowhere, and when they do, they can be quite painful. If you wake in the middle of the night with severe dental pain, or find yourself suffering with a swollen gum area on a Sunday afternoon, we will work to figure out how to bring you relief until things can be treated at our office. If need be, we’ll even come in and take a look during our off hours. Please call us any time 24/7 if you are having a dental emergency. We will do everything we can to assist you.